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Snapper Creek Energy is an innovative data-driven commodities brokerage specializing in traditional, renewable, and transitional energy markets.

The firm operates three distinct brokerage desks focused on natural gas, carbon, and natural gas liquids (NGLs).

Snapper Creek’s seasoned team of energy industry executives leverages its in-depth research capabilities, proprietary data and analytics platform, advisory and execution services, and combined 85 years of sector knowledge to maximize value for clients with speed and certainty.

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Business Services that Drive Value for Clients


Snapper Creek runs three brokerage desks focused on natural gas, carbon, and NGLs that offer best-in-class trading execution services to a diverse base of clients globally, including banks, macro hedge funds, specialized oil and gas investment funds, trading firms, market makers and oil companies, among others.

Market Analytics

Leveraging proprietary in-house data and analytics, Snapper Creek provides clients with unique market analysis that enables transparent price discovery and helps clients capture value embedded within the most complex areas of the energy markets.


Snapper Creek employs its decades of traditional, renewable, and transitional energy market expertise to advise clients on risk management; transaction structuring, negotiation, and execution; and asset acquisitions.

Meet the Founders

Sid Perkins

Mr. Sid Perkins brings over 20 years of relevant industry experience to Snapper Creek. Prior to founding the firm, he served as a Managing Partner at ION Energy Group, a commodity brokerage firm he founded in 2008.

At ION, he worked on the natural gas brokerage desk, which was responsible for brokering the first-ever natural gas trade listed on the NASDAQ, and personally brokered over nine figures worth of commissions. Under his management, ION gained nearly $1 billion in brokerage revenue and grew to become a market leader across the oil and gas space, well-recognized for its broker-driven industry research and commanding dominant market share across both natural gas and NGLs. During this time, ION’s NGL brokerage desk also brokered the first-ever NGL trade listed on the NASDAQ.

Prior to ION, he was a Partner at LCM Commodities where he launched and oversaw the NGL brokerage desk. Earlier in his career, he oversaw the NGL business at Bank of America.

Ike Perkins

Mr. Ike Perkins brings 13 years of relevant industry experience to Snapper Creek. Prior to founding the firm, he served on the Structuring and Investments team at Mercuria Energy America, Inc., where he managed a portfolio of equity/debt investments in the renewable energy space.

Prior to Mercuria, he was a Vice President in the Merchant Banking Group at Brown Brothers Harriman and worked on various trading desks at global physical commodity firm Bunge.